A Voyage to NOWHERE
and back
Finally, getting of the rock, the coral rock that is. As soon as we go under the Jewfish Creek Bridge we are outa here!
Tis been a long 6 months since we completed the loop, but honestly, today it feels like we never got off the boat. Good to be back cruising, and back on Cruising time!
Today's Destination, Boca Chita.
$10 a nite. great locatioin cept for weekends when it becomes "little havana"
The sun set that evening on The Sterling Lady, Where's Linda , and Hook em.
Oh yeah, we had a cocktail or two.
If you get the chance, stop here. Real nice.
In the AM, the crews had a pot luck breakfast under the pavilion.
Approaching Miami
We passed the "Tiki Beach" party barge, docked at Miami
John from "Hook Em" and ex commodore of the Miami Outboard Club, had arranged for some free dockage for us , but since he was fishing outside, we waited at anchor near the club.
Our view off the Port side, the ships at port of Miami.
Check out Chalks seaplanes flying below the buildings on it's approach to land in Miami.
Today I was the leader of the pack, with Where's Linda and Hook em following.
Just before Haulover Inlet, the channel is shoaled, you have to hug the green side. Alot!
Our good friends John and Sue on "hook em"
A beautiful end to a beautiful day at Hollywood Municipal Marina.
In the AM we all walked over to Hollywood beach Boardwalk for Breakfast.
The Hollywood beaches
We had breafast on the boardwalk,it was a bargin,  cheap with an ocean view!
Approaching Port Everglades, Fort Lauderdale, the Yacht Express was loading the Mega Yachts for a trip to Panama
Here's two of the Mega Yachts, Staging, to enter the Yacht Express for their $18,000 trip to Panama.
We counted 15 Mega Yachts on board. Do the math.
A  ship loading at Port Everglades.
Fort Liquordale Dead ahead
Fort Lauderdale, American Decadence, at it's best!!
An Old school  60's Condo
Unfortunately for two of the girls, it was two for one nite and the beach bar, and , we had two casualties the next am.
Approaching West Palm Beach, to meet Judys Family at P Nut Island for a Mothers day raft up.
West Palm now has day docks, for visiting boaters. Sorry , no overnites allowed.
I call this Bob's Used Mega Yacht Euporium.
A mega yacht for every budget.
West Palm has a new Rich Mans marina. Note it's pretty empty.
We went to the raft up at P nut Island, where there were 100's of boats.

<---------This is Judy and her daughter Vicki
They brought along this trampoline, jump bag.  The idea is to put someone on the white bag, and then a bigger person uses the trampoline to jump on the white bag, hurling the smaller person into space.
Didn't work so hot.
As is usual, the day ended at the local tiki bar for dinner and libations
The dockage was cheaper, but at low tide, getting on the boat was tough.
With P Nut island in the background, all that's left of the 100's of boats that were rafted here is the Pizza boat.
The name on this boat made me look twice, but then.....
Tonite we anchored in Pecks Lake.
Pecks Lake is a Federal park with miles of beaches and shelling.
The turtle nests were roped off.
Early the next morning it's northbound into the vastness of the Indian River. Look out Vero Beach, here we come.
This evening,Our friends Linda and Pete from "Where's Linda" joined us  and our dinky for happy hourz at the local watering hole under the bridge.
Everyone seemed pretty happy, cept that guy on the right.
This mornings departure took us past the small river, just north of Sabastian, where I bought the Lady, 5 years and 19,000 miles plus ago!
15 shy of Tittusville, we head up the Canaveral Barge Canal to Harbortown Marina.
Harbortown is inexpensive dockage, and the cheapest diesel south of Fernandina Beach. That's why we are here. We stopped here last year, and sadly, the marina is emptier and a bit run down.
This guy stopped at my teak to dry his wings. Guess he figures he is safely hidden on my multi colored teak finish
The marina has a small retention pond that the sign didn't lie about.
We all had dinner with Mike and Melissa from the MV Full Step. Full time liveaboards at Harbortown.
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Todays destination, Tittusville